Small Amount of Home Games for Women’s Sports

Empty Bleacher 1
There is empty seating in Maggs during a women’s game. As the game progresses, seats do begin to fill.

In Salisbury University women’s sports, there are some unequal transitions between home games and away games in the athletic schedule.

Women’s basketball has an average of 11 home games per season with 14 away, followed by women’s soccer with nine games at home and away, volleyball with eight games at home and 22 away and field hockey with six games at home and nine away.

As for women’s swimming and track and field, the schedule every season has a limited amount of home match-ups meaning most of their season is spent on the road.

On the road, both athletic teams have to travel a minimum of two hours to play other colleges. For track and field, the farthest they have to travel is South Carolina and Iowa, while swimming has to travel as far as Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

Space Next to Woman 3
Although people attend the home games, there is much space between the fans and visitors. One woman sits alone before the game.

According to the Salisbury University online athletics site, women’s swimming for the 2015-16 season has four total home games. The first two were in October followed by the remaining two scheduled in January 2016.

That can take a toll on athletes and coaches for majority of their season. The head coach of swimming, Jill Stephenson, said it doesn’t affect her or her team.

“I prefer to travel,” she said. “Home meets are very stressful and I do very little coaching at home meets because we’re running the computer system making sure everything is going well.”

One Side Bleacher 2
One side of Maggs gymnasium is filled with fans during a women’s basketball game. The bleachers are expected to hold 2,300 spectators.

For women’s track and field in their outdoor season, there are a total of three home games. The first home match of this season isn’t until March 2016, the Lloyd Sigler Spring Meet. The final two homes of the season are both in May, the SU Rumble and the Salisbury University Elite Meet.

The reasoning behind the small amount of home games is due to the indoor and outdoor schedule. Jim Jones, the head coach of track and field, said one reason is the lack of an indoor facility and hard work dedicated to outdoor.

“It’s a lot of work putting on a meet,” he said. “It’s just not like basketball and some other events where you have two or three officials, a scorer and an announcer. You need need 20 officials plus another 20 officials to help those officials, totaling 40 people to host a meet.”

Women's Basketball with fans 4
The women’s basketball team come together as one before the start of a game. Fans in the background await for the start of the match.

A poll taken on Twitter revealed some students felt more home games for track and field and swimming should happen and then others felt it should stay the same.

Mike Valderas, a Salisbury student, felt the more home games you have for any sport the more people will attend. He said also if there are less games then people may be more eager to attend that one specific game that is at home.

“If they had more of them, there might not be much attendance,” Valderas said. “If there’s only one then you have to go to that one.”


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